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I love to rip things apart and learn how things work. Hacking electronics hardware, Ethernet/RS232/RS485 or any other proprietary communication. I have managed to hack quite a number of system. These learning experiences have had helped me integrate many systems with ease. I love being a hacker. But this website does not teach you to become a hacker. The information here contains useful information and concept to let you aware that electronics is not as difficult to understand than most people think it is. Electronics is easy and fun. Have great fun.

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- DIY Home PCB Fabrication

- 12Vdc to 5Vdc DC-DC regulator


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Singapore Electronic Kits, PIC-CONTROL, Singapore Network WiFi Ethernet Solution

NFC (Near Field Communication), RFID

RFID technology has been around for quite some time, improving the logistic efficiency replacing the barcode scanning system. The industry has been slow in adopting RFID because of the tagging cost over a barcode system.

The new NFC is physically similar to a RFID system, and is leading in applications that RFID has not been able to achieve.

With further understanding about RFID and NFC, we will be able to see why RFID will be the future trend. This article introduce the RFID technology and focus mainly in the NFC application.


Home Automation is Simple

Informations on building an affordable, simple and easy to use, smart home.


PIC Microcontroller


DIY examples on building a PIC microcontroller project. There will be examples of digital/power electronics sensing and control examples that are useful for most microcontroller projects.


Learning Raspberry Pi

Learning how to run Raspberry Pi like a microcontroller .


Spotronic 1

Aim to be a remote control robot with the ability to be autonomous. Still under development. Have been spending years to search for the exact robot parts within reasonable budgets. Started since year 2000, it is still a long way to go. The various project module found in this website is closely related for this robotic purposes. More and more modules will be developed gradually to complete this long dream robot. Maybe some day, once again the opportunity to participate in the Singapore Robotic Games, just like the old days in Singapore Polytechnic.


Let's get closer to Spotronic

Prototype robot, Spotronic 1


Serial Communication

Brief introduction to communication between electronics, computer devices. Beginner's guide to the popular RS232, RS485 and USB-Serial. Circuit schematic are presented for communication between computer and microcontroller. RS232 communication testing and troubleshooting will be discussed. There are also various free RS232 software for downloading, to help debugging the communication line.





Knowing how to work with a switch, helps the understanding of interfacing to electronic switching devices. This article presents the idea of electronic circuit interfacing, which leads to better understanding of controlling high powered devices. Simple circuit interfacing using switch and transistor are posted for your references.

Various switching devices like Switches, Relay, Reed Relay, Solid State Relay, Transistor, Opto-coupler and MEMs Relay are presented, providing a clearer choice in designing your electronics interface.










dc-dc on a home fabricated PCB board,




using LM2576 from national semiconductor.

12Vdc to 5Vdc

DC-DC regulator

Known as Buck or Switching Regulator, it functions as a voltage regulator, similar to the well known LM7805 regulator IC.

This switching regulator has a highly efficient regulated supply that can support most of your electronics project. The LM2576-5.0 3A rated dc-dc converter IC is able to accept a wide input voltage (9Vdc, 12Vdc, 24Vdc or range 7Vdc to 40Vdc) to a regulated 5Vdc output. Try it now to provide efficient regulated voltage for your circuits.

There are a variety of regulator model providing 12V, 5V, 3.3V or adjustable voltage output. Switching regulator LM2575 will also be introduced.






Poster: Tracking and Surveillance

Tracking and Surveillance

using COLOUR

An image processing research that focus on the characteristic of color. A unique algorithm is discussed to detect and track human subject, solely base on color. The tracking of color includes skin, clothing and any other color that is related to the human subject.

Detection and tracking human using color has a lot of robust advantage, compare to commonly known methods like background removal or background subtraction.

This algorithm is presented using Visual C++, to demonstrate the concept of this unique and original idea.



8870 DTMF Circuit


Telephony Communication

using DTMF IC

This circuit detects the dial tone from a telephone line  and decodes the keypad pressed on the remote telephone. The dial tone we heard when we pick up the phone set is call Dual Tone Multi-Frequency, DTMF in short. The name was given because the tone that we heard over the phone is actually make up of two distinct frequency tone, hence the name dual tone. The DTMF tone is a form of one way communication between the dialer and the telephone exchange.

A complete communication consist of the tone generator and the tone decoder. In this article, we will be trying on this IC MT8870DE, the main component to decode the input dial tone to 5 digital output. These digital bits can be interface to a computer or microcontroller for further application (eg. remote control, phone line transfer operation, etc...).



RF transceiver

RF Tranceiver

First workable FM transceiver circuit using nRF401 IC. The circuit model KRF-DTR401 implement purchased from a taiwan company Kingtronic RF Corp. Transmission distance has been conducted at least 200m apart inside an enclosed elevator.

This RF tranceiver can be implemented for your wireless remote control system using PIC16F877a microntroller and other digital electronic circuits.


Touch Sensor

Thinking of doing a DIY touch sensor? This IC solution is simple and easy to integrate into your existing circuit. You will have your very own touch sensor in no time, using this touch IC. Circuit schematic is available for you to try it out.


Analog Electronics


More Circuit Schematic

Here are more circuits available for reference. Most of the circuits are designed to interface with the microcontroller.

  • DC Motor Control using L6203

  • DC Powered UPS System

  • Signal Switching Circuit using ADG451

  • 2 Channel Delay Timer using CD4066

  • typical PIC16F877 circuitry


SB Electronics Exhibition

A variety of electronics circuits are once built. The site contains mostly photos and contain minimum documentation. They are quite out dated design. Have fun.

  • Melody Generator

  • Electronic dice circuit

  • LED blinker

  • Power supply

  • Signal / function generator

  • Parallel port I/O interface

  • Inductor measurement circuit

  • programmer system

  • PIC16F877 microcontroller






Lab Equipment

Introduction to the basic electronics tools and equipment. Power Supply, Oscilloscope and Signal Generator.

  • Kikusui variable DC power supply PAD 35-10L 0~35V 10A

  • Tektronix 2445A 150Mhz Oscilloscope

  • Tektronix 466 100Mhz Oscilloscope

  • Leader LAG-120B Audio Generator






DIY Home PCB Fabrication

How to fabricate PCB (printed circuit board) at home. After numerous attempt, the PCB is finally fabricated. The website provide basic guidance, a step by step instruction process of making PCB at home for your electronics project. Lots of photos and video illustration,  to provide you with a clearer picture of PCB fabrication process.

Sodium Hydroxide and Ferric Chloride are the main chemical used in this demonstrate.

The process is not ready difficult and is quite fun. Equipment used is easily available and have minimum mess to clean up.

Come on and enjoy making PCB for your electronic projects now.



DIY Easy Surface Mount Soldering

Finding yourself having difficulty soldering small smd IC and components? Click in here for tips on soldering fine pitch smd components. All you need to know about soldering.



Cable & Wiring Guide

This is a simple reference guide for my PCB component, footprint, trace routing, cable and wire selection.

The reference also includes a drilling guide for the tapping metric screws.



  Reverse Engineering Resources

Resources for reverse engineering work.



Working with 230Vac

Working with dangerous voltage, it can be scary. The objective of this section is to introduce the various electronics components used in working with 230Vac voltage devices.

I have also explore the safety and danger aspect when working 230Vac. It is a must read section before any attempt to mess around with high voltage project. Do pay attention to 230Vac!!!






Electronic Ballast

Lighting up your home. This article provides some information on the typical wiring for flourescent lamp. I have setup the connection to do my
benchmark; and demonstrate the advantage of using a electronic ballast as compare to a normal one.

Lamp Bulb

A list of lighting bulbs shape/base with picture illustration.

power meter

Energy Audit

Start saving energy here, by understanding more about your carbon footprint at home. Be conscious about our energy consumption and start conserving electricity at home. Do our part for our only planet earth.

Let us begin our journey with this power meter and start measuring my household appliances consumption in the house.

How Power Saver Works? or perhaps Don't work.

Don't be misleaded by my title. I know of many customers being believers of how the power saver product can help them save on their electricity bill. This article is NOT about how power saver works, but more about why power saver "Don't Work". To understand how it don't work, we have to understand how it works.


Pico ADC-100

Pico ADC-100 can be use as a oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, data acquisition. For this particular model, the bandwidth is rather low at 100K sampes/sec. For general audio signal analysis with bandwidth of 20kHz, it should be just nice.

Some conversion code is written in C language, using Turbo C++ 3.0 compiler. For a start, you may like to download the source code for *.plw to *.txt convertion as reference. It will provide basic understanding and eventually helps you in writing your own codes to convert your pico-log data.

Feedbacks are received from user that they are facing conversion problems with the pico-log file. Just to let you aware that the conversion code is written for a fix number of samples. You can easily do a bit modification for it to work for your own application.

Base on the discussion from the pico forum, old codes may not be able to convert properly for the first few samples in the *.plw file. It could be due to the file format generated by different version of PicoLog data acquisition software. The format of the file version may have slightly different file header size.


To resolve this issue, you have to modify the file header size in the source code. This will helps in data alignment, resulting in correct conversion of the first sampled data in the *.plw file.

A matlab analysis script is included, that is use to analysis the pico data. This script could be useful for reference.

20 Nov 2005, by Siong Boon


Setting up your home network with WinXP

  • enable file sharing
  • home computer networking
  • peer to peer sharing
  • data transfer between PC

TP-LINK TL-WR703N Configuration & Hack

  • Setup and configure TL-WR703N WiFi Ethernet 3G travel router


WinXP system settings (tweak)


Tweak and configure your WinXP operating system with quick install inf files. Automate and Control your window/application with AutoIt or Visual Basic Script. Click the link to start the fun.
  • AutoIt window automation scripting (*.au3) with simple examples to start with. Program and control mouse movement, click, drag and also send out keyboard keys.
  • Visual Basic Script (vbs) for window automation.


Java & Eclipse


Ascii Code

Ascii code reference, and windows ALT key code to insert your frequent use symbols.



▬↨↑↓→   Ascii Code   ←∟↔▲

▼ !"#$%&'()  


   Math Symbols




3D Printer Singapore

Want to own a 3D printer in Singapore? Buy and own a 3D printer in your own home. Design and build locally in Singapore. Strong local technical team with local warrenty support.

Singapore 3D Printer Manufacturer. 

This 3D printer is build using 3D printed materials. A printer that is designed to print parts durable enough to reproduce itself. Using quality and reliable parts and filament. Click here to start designing and build your custom parts with a personal desktop 3D printer.


Test Website Collection

- Test if your browser is compatiable to html5 standard.
- Test your boardband network connection speed to & from international server.
- Test your boardband network connection speed to and from Singapore server.


Reference Book

Here are some of the good books for recommendation. Most book listed are easy to read, and is very suitable as an introduction to the subject.

Various Books on electronics, programming, mathematics, web design, etc.


reference books

The following are some article that I find very interesting. Many people might find electronics difficult to learn. Have the misconception that you need to deal with a lot of formula and equations. In fact, electronics are not difficult at all. It takes times to pick up the knowledge. The ultimate aims is to understand the nature of electronics. How do electronics behave? Also learning from the mistake people made. How do we apply the behavior to work out an application.

The following articles introduce again, in simple language, the practical and fundamental know-how in working with electronics. Those who thinks that electronics are difficult, give yourself another chance by reading these.

Recommend website (Alternative Learning)




Clik here for datasheetDataSheet

Common electronics component datasheet for reference.

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